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Friday, December 10, 2010

iPad and Our Future

Christmas approaches. Kharin and I are manning the store - Creators' Co-Op - watching people shopping and getting ready for the whole gift-giving-thing. And I wonder...

Kharin is actually sitting next to me right now, watching her playlist on Youtube. It consists of variety of videos - from Shimajiro's toilet training, Singing In The Rain to Vallarta Adventure Dolphin Kids. We borrowed our friend Gaetano's NetBook for this purpose so I can work, and she is very comfortable working the machine. She is two years old.

My computer guy Craig was telling me about how iPad is so intuitive, it is one of the major gift items for age goup 6 to 12 year olds this year. I thought it was ridiculously expensive for people so young, but if you take the price out of the equation, it does make sense. Kharin has played with my friends' iPads from time to time, and it is amazing to see her start to manipulate the software and tools on it within minutes. The thing is really intuitive.

By the time she is a teenager, computer will probably be talking back to her like in Star Trek. As for this Christmas, she will be getting a toddler digital camera from her non-believer mother.