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Friday, April 16, 2010

music together with babyNOIR

Today was babyNOIR's first day at Music Togehter, and we loooooove it!!  Compared to the other baby music classes we took, our teacher Maureen is better trained to 1) grab and retain babies' and adults attention, 2) break down and explain, 3) project! - sing really, really well and loud, which helps the point 1).  The material we received is really good, too.  In the CD package they gave us, there are 2 CD's, so we can have one at home and one in the car.  How thoughtful!!

We like the songs.  They feel developmentally appropriate for babies with simple clear lyrics and catchy melody line.  I especially love the exploration of different types of rhythm - okay, I'm a drummer - there's even a song in 9/8 meter!  - These songs are so catchy, baby Kharin already started singing along this afternoon.  That was only the 3rd time she heard these songs - once in the class this morning, once at home while she was playing, then she started singing along when I put the CD on in the car.  I say they know what they're doing. 

We know the benefit of music in our lives.  It helps us develop mathematical skills, and it just makes us happy people.  I am really happy to have found a place where my baby can hang with her peers and really get in to music.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

penmanship and thank you notes

A Future Calligrapher
A Future Calligrapher,
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I read an article about Socialkidz on mommypoppins the other day. In Socialkids classes, small kids learn about the etiquette and good manners we all would like our babies to know. Like good handshakes, eye contact, introducing yourself to people, and thank you notes.

That got me thinking - my husband has always been saying he wants our baby to take Japanese calligraphy classes. He's in love with the whole idea, though he can't really articulate why. In my elementary school in Japan, calligraphy was a part of the curriculum and I always took it for granted. But, I do think having a decent penmanship is socially important. So is sending hand-written thank you notes.

I have an okay penmanship, and thank people with emails if I remember to send anything at all.

Our children should be better people than we are. Or, we shoot for it to come true as parents. No?

I may or may not enroll baby Kharin in Socialkidz when she gets older, but I will make sure I will at least teach her everything I know about becoming a respectful, polite person.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

coconut juice and baby

When my baby Kharin had a 48-hour diarrhea, I gave her sippy cups full of coconut juice.  She loved it so much, she drinks it now every day.  I initially thought of coconut juice, standing in the supermarket, looking at the bright color of Pedialyte - does it have to be colored like this??? - and repeating the pediatrician's words in my head.  He had said, "you need to prevent dehydration by continuing nursing, and giving her electrolyte liquid like watered down sport drink or Pedialyte."  So - I thought - we need some liquid that has electrolyte in it so Kharin's body can absorb fluid easily.  Then I remembered me drinking coconut water while I was pregnant, because my midwife had told me to drink it.  It is full of electrolyte!

I didn't hesitate giving it to her, although there isn't any conclusive scientific advice for or against coconut water for infants or toddlers that I could find.  There are lots of articles on line for the benefit of coconut water in general, though.  I figured I was okay with it since she is now over 12 months old and I hadn't heard or read anything against coconut water so far.  Kharin recovered from her 48-hour-bug without getting dehydrated, and she continues to happily drink it every day.

It now seems almost fashionable to drink coconut water.  Even Madonna's involved.  But, good things are good, with or without being the fad.